SOS Climate Waterfront Newsletter Q3-2020


2nd Interactive Webinar 24 November 2020 for the H2020 SOS Climate Waterfront project by the CPONH NGO

‘Clustered Rainfall’ behind the Dutch coast’

ZOOM Recording with Passcode: !RKcCWv9 : FLhu3SATSAf7HAVPZd1z00s41XIL5BstPAHM5nF23i.T9Qi82mfm9uS- Qryq – Hosted by Karen Jonkers.

Pedro Ressano Garcia from Portugal as keynote speaker opened the webinar by presenting the hard job of the ‘SOS Climate Waterfront’ project, to find adaptive and mitigating solutions to keep cities liveable under the impact of climate change in costal cities. As he pointed out; the project will not solve this global phenomenon easily, by sharing experiences and design thoughts we can help each other making the right choices locally, because in every city climate-change works out differently. The solution lays in making local combinations of the six paths show below.

Maarten Poort: ‘Hydraulic scientist’ of HHNK Water-authority in the NW of the Netherlands; presented the situation of this ‘polder’ are in situations of heavy rainfall. In the HHNK area of 90% of the land lays below sea-level, the protection is created by 2.000 km of dikes in com- bination 20.000 km of channels for pumping water out of the 225 ‘pol- ders’ with in total 2.174 areas with different water levels.

Watersystem (behind the dikes)

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