The H2020 Marie Curie ‘SOS Climate Waterfront’ program has 160 secondment trips of which the NL-Team has the honour to complete 16 (10%) of them. After two years of shutdown due to covid-19, travel will start again. For the following 5 events (Rome, Stockholm, Gdansk, Rome again and Lisbon) the Dutch secondees are ready for travelling.

From the team of 18, 3 have travelled (Fred, Hugo and Jelle-Jochem) and 15 are preparing their 30-days journey. They present themselves at the Dutch website: and in this newsletter. All are professionals in research and have a background in urbanism and/or architecture, from which some have a specialism in journalism. It’s great to have so much knowledge on the team. Each of them is looking forward to meeting the secondees from the other participating cities, talking with them, scare insight and discussing measures for each of these cities. To support citizens in the EU, not only in these cities and back home in the Netherlands, for all EU citizens.

Planning schedule

As soon the NL-Team found out that travelling could be planned again, they came together and made talked-over their choices. The result is as given in the travelling planning schedule. They will visit the host cities in small teams, coordinate their contribution in their self-steering groups, and tune their reporting together. Teams are:

  • Rome March-April 2022: Karel Mulder, Charmaine Sanders and Jeroen & Aline Brinkman.
  • Stockholm June 2022: Karen Jonkers, Jos van der Mark, Bert Harmelink, Metha Bregman.
  • Gdansk, October 2022: Robert Niessen, Tineke van de Schoor and Ilia Neudecker.
  • Rome, February 2023: Ingrid Wentink.
  • Lisbon, May 2023: Karel Sant and Fred Sanders.


This article was also published in the newsletter SOS Climate Waterfront Newsletter Q1-2022