Naturalism ideology for resilient coastal cities; blog Fred Sanders

Amazing the article of ‘Marcel aan de Burgh’ in Dutch NRC Newspaper today; giving an overview of us humansbeings and out approach to nature. How we since Descartes in the 17th century introduced the ‘Naturalism’ approach, to see nature on our earth as separated from ourself. The contrary approach of course is that we with almost 8 billion people on this earth are part of nature. Interesting is how the writer couples both paradigms to the moral obligation that we have to care for nature to survive, that we have to manage that nature grows back to the healthy baseline, to recover forest existence and Insects population for instance. It’s an eye opener for me reading these approaches so well unrafled in this easy to read one A4 article. I almost not dear to critisize the message. Helas I do miss the conclusion that ‘being part of nature’ can also result in accepting the mutual influence of all species on out earth, trees, insects and human beings, and all that lives and grows on earth. I am by reading of this article more and more interested how life on earth becomes to look like if we do nothing, if climate-change goes on like it abs always done, wil we people disappear, will new animals and plants develop. Only if we can learn what that interpretation of naturalism will brij ng us, our behaviour can be measured. That would give us refences from the past and the future, to make up our mind. Of course this must have be studied somewhere, only I don’t know where. I am interested who will give me the right hint. It will be interesting for our ‘sos climate waterfront’ project too I resume. Nice thoughts, thanks to this great article of NRC Newspaper.

Fred Sanders