Yes, it’s true: the climate is changing and the temperatures are rising. In Russia it’s even thought that there may come a time when the shipping route across the north pole of Siberia can be used all year round. But how much more are the temperatures to going rise?
Temperatures over 30 degrees in Siberia are more common than most people think. This is because Siberia has a continental climate. However, this year the temperatures are higher and the high-temperature period is lasting longer than before, so there is something changing in the climate. Summers are always dry and forest fires occur in large numbers and magnitude every summer. But this year there are much more forest fires than in previous years, or is that what the press is making you believe?
A bit of both in my opinion.
What they don’t tell is that all these kinds of things in these kinds of countries often have an economic cause.
Russia has a well-equipped army of firefighters with a sufficient number of men, equipment and helicopters. However, there are no collective labor agreements. The same goes for the fleet of icebreakers.
The firefighters wait patiently in their garden chairs next to their helicopters until a sufficiently good salary offer was made again this summer. The bigger the fires, the better the salary offer. For example, every year extinguishing is only started when things have actually already gotten out of hand. This year with Corona, collapsed oil prices and a weak economy, the bid started low. Until the fires became too big and the pressure increased and now there is plenty to extinguish.

PS: For all these kinds of messages it is good to know a little more about the country and its culture and not to accept everything directly.

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